Their special personal wishes and preferences are so different, the builder so individual, which is why Rapido-Additives offer so many possibilities to give a room one's personal note.


Rapido-Mica adds a gently sparkling shine, which is created by the reflection of light on the muscovite. Rapido-Mica is either mixed into the last coat or applied later as a glaze.


Rapido-Marble is a 1 mm grain of broken white marble and is simply mixed into the finishing coat. This grain can give playful accents, especially in colored plasters, and provides the possibility of creating scrubbed plaster effects.


Rapido-Chopped Straw lends a natural look to your surface. Woods and meadows literally come into your house. The approx. 10 mm long fine straw is either mixed into the last coat or applied later as a glaze. The golden yellow color of Rapido-Chopped Straw harmonizes superbly with all plasters and pigments.


Rapido-Black Glass is also simply mixed into the plaster. The 2 mm long grain can is perfectly suited for use as a black, gently shining structural grain and thus gives the Rapido-Loam Plaster an interesting structure.