Rapido-Universal Loam Plaster

00501_sandstein_200As the name suggests, Rapido-Universal Loam Plaster is available for a great variety of applications. Thanks to its balanced grading curve, it can be employed not only as a functional plaster substrate but also for the production of a fine finish plaster. The special mixture of particularly receptive clays and loams guarantees the high Rapido absorption capability. For years our standard has been state-of-the-art processing using silo technology and mixing pumps.

With Rapido-Universal Loam Plaster, there are no limits to your creativity. You can classically plaster walls and ceilings, but also create sandstone imitations.


Depending on the plaster base, you can create free textures and produce any imaginable shape.

Rapido-Universal Loam Plaster can also be used as glue for insulation panels of soft wood fibers, reed or mineral foam.

Rapido-Universal Loam Plaster is produced without any organic constituents. However, depending on the customer’s request, decorative additives such as Rapido-Chopped Straw or Rapido-Mica can be added.00503_ofen_250

Our Rapido-Universal Loam Plaster is delivered dry in 5 kg and 25 kg bags, in a 1 ton big bag or as bulk material. If requested by the customer, straw-reinforced mixtures are supplied.

The earth-moist Rapido-Universal Loam Plaster can be delivered in a 1 ton Big Bag.