Rapido-Rammed Loam


Rapido-Rammed Loam is a balanced mixture of various loams from the Lusatia pits. High smectite clay content guarantees the excellent absorption effect. Irrespective of whether a framework building is modernized or a new building is erected, Rapido-Rammed Loams are suitable for universal use.00102_stampflehm_farbig_250
It is the ideal material for solid walls, floors and ceiling filling. Rapido-Rammed Loam is also highly suitable for building stoves. The production of own plaster mixtures is possible. Following the long-proven tradition of our ancestors, historic buildings can be renovated in a proper and professional manner by employing traditional methods. Moreover, it is possible to erect modern buildings by using state-of-the-art technologies such as compressed air rammers. Rapido-Rammed Loam can be refined and finished by using all the other Rapido-Loam Products.