Rapido-Textured Loam Plaster

00701_streich_bluehte_200Rapido-Textured Loam Plaster is characterized by premium color brilliance. This is due to the special mix of marble powders, pure cellulose and white sand with naturally occurring white smectites. Optimum air moisture absorption and high opacity is the trademark of Rapido-Textured Loam Plaster.

This purity of the white base color ensures that all other colors based on the Rapido-Color Guide can be created in highest brilliance and clarity.  The addition of fine straw or mica enables further fine-tuned effects. From smooth to rustic structures, a variety of surface designs are possible, depending on your needs  With the appropriate primer, almost any surface can be coated with Rapido-Loam Textured Loam Plaster.

At the same time, the special blend ensures exceptionally easy processing with a roller, brush or smoothing trowel. Excess material can be stored indefinitely in a dried state and re-used for repairs.

Delivery: dry as powder in 5 kg or 25 kg bags, in a 1 ton Big Bag.