Rapido-Loam Bricks

00201_steinwandRapido-Loam Bricks consist of selected clays and loams which provide the special Rapido room atmosphere. Depending on the intended use, various brick formats of different weights are available.

Solid full loam bricks are especially suitable for noise protection walls. The small solid green bricks are ideal for use in ceilings as noise protection.

Light-weight loam bricks with perforations or bricks containing wood are preferably used in half-timbered walls. However, they can also be used to erect self-supporting walls.

Visible loam brickwork is made of bricks that have undergone a special surface treatment.

Processing is very simple and does not significantly differ from traditional bricklaying. A wall made of Rapido-Loam Bricks is also excellently suited to accommodate a wall heating or room cooling system. In addition, Rapido-Loam Bricks can be plastered with the proven Rapido-Loam Plasters.

A small selection of our brick assortment:

DF_holz_loch NF_holz_loch 2DF_holz_loch 4DF_holz_loch NF_holz_voll
DF_massiv_voll NF_massiv_voll 2DF_massiv_voll 2DF_holz_voll 4DF_holz_voll