Rapido-Loam Mortar

00301_fugenbubble_200Due to their high content of smectite clays, Rapido-Loam Building Materials offer special features compared to other products. They ensure NEW typically high absorption values in association with an excellent strength. Likewise, this applies to the Rapido-Loam Mortar. It can be used to build up all types of walls, e.g. brick walls, walls of aerated concrete, lime-sand bricks, concrete blocks, wood cement stones and expanded clay, in addition to loam brick walls and walls of freshly made material.

In addition, it is highly suitable for building stoves and fireplaces. Rapido-Loam Mortar displays a fawn color and a particle size of 0-1 mm.


Rapido-Loam Mortar can immediately be processed after mixing; thanks to its fine fractions, it does not require a further maturing time. Dried material can be stirred up again.

Delivery: dry as powder in 5 kg or 25 kg bags, in a 1 ton Big Bag and as bulk delivery; or earth-moist in a 1 ton Big Bag.