Rapido-Loam Marble

Fancy something elegant and special?

How about marble without joints and yet a room climate as if made from loam?

Then you are at the right place!

Pigmentierter Lehmmarmor Detailansicht

With Rapido-Marbled Loam, remarkably real looking marbled surfaces can be created.  The combination of breathable, temperature regulating loam walls with unique and elegant grains and shades of marble no longer remains an illusion. Each wall is unique and represents something very special. But that's not all: Due to a sophisticated mix of clay minerals on smectite base, carefully selected marble powders and silt fractions, Rapido-Marbled Loam guarantees extreme durability at the usual high humidity absorption.

Pigmentierter Lehmmarmor DetailansichtProcessing is similar to marble plaster, but is much simpler. With the appropriate Rapido-Color Pigments, extremely sharp color transitions can be achieved in the marble structure. Whether columns, arches, walls or ceilings - Rapido-Marbled Loam is suitable for any surface.

Delivery: dry as powder in 25 kg bag and 1 ton Big Bag.