Rapido-Smooth Loam Finish

00901_glaette_flur_250Rapido-Smooth Loam Finish is made from natural white smectites, selected marble powders and cellulose.
Due to this composition, very modern and unusually smooth surfaces which are extremely durable can be produced.

The usual high absorption values remain the same.

Coloring, in accordance with the Rapido-Color Guide allows for all imaginable color shadings. Light marbling occurs on its own accord. However, this can be enhanced by using different colors. Loam "Stuccolustro" no longer remains an art form.


Thereafter, Rapido-Smooth Loam Finish can be polished with bees wax, giving it a gentle glow. With application of Rapido Color Water Glass pigmentation is intensified.
It is also possible to use Rapido-Smooth Loam Finish for renovations. Cracked plastered surfaces can be filled with a thin layer and provided with glass fleece or colored Rapido Jute Fabric. Crack damage is eliminated and an attractive finish is created at the same time. This type of renovation drastically reduces water entry into the structure and  time involved.00903_glaette_bluehte_200

Delivery: dry as powder in 5 kg or 15 kg bags, in a 1 ton Big Bag.