Rapido-Loam Fixative

01501_festiger_wasserglas_200Rapido-Water Glass is a highly concentrated sodium water glass, employed as a penetrating primer and additional binding agent.

Mixed with water, a highly effective penetrating primer to solidify sandy substrates is produced. It improves the adhesion on difficult substrates when added to Rapido-Loam Plaster and Rapido-Loam Paint.

Rapido-Water Glass is strongly alkaline and thus acts as a preservative for made-up Rapido-Loam Paint, Rapido-Smooth Loam Finish and Rapido Textured Loam Plaster.

By spraying Rapido-Water Glass on Rapido-Loam Plaster and Rapido-Marbled Loam surfaces, these surfaces will be noticeably harder and the colors will become more intense.

The product is delivered in 1 liter, 5 liter and 10 liter canisters.

01502_festiger_fixierung_200Rapido-Fixative is pure cellulose which increases the humidity storage capacity. It also acts as an additional solidifying binding agent. After plastering, it is sprayed or rolled on the finished surface, significantly improving the abrasion resistance.

Alternatively, it can be applied with felting or rubbing.

The surface will only darken slightly.

Mixing of Rapido-Fixative and Rapido-Color Pigments will produce a glazing with beautiful surface effects.

Rapido-Mica can be applied with the Rapido-Fixative on all common surfaces and creates a gently shimmering effect..

The product is delivered in 100 g, 500 g and 1,000 g bags.