Rapido-Loam Paint

00801_farbe_bild_250Rapido-Loam Paint can be used for all conventional painting work on mineral building materials, ie. clay, lime, cement or plaster. By adding Rapido-Water Glass even difficult substrates such as latex paints or wood can be painted.

One base coat and a finishing coat are usually sufficient.

Rapido-Loam Paint is made of natural white smectites, selected marble powders and cellulose. This balanced blend guarantees high abrasion resistance and extremely high absorption.

The natural off-white appearance can be tinted with our Rapido-Color Pigments.

Processing is very easy and corresponds to that of conventional coatings. It can be applied with a brush and roller or with a compressor, or Airless sprayed.

As Rapido-Loam Paint is delivered in powder form, we are able to do without the usual chemical aids.  Nothing hinders vapor diffusion or creates a health risk.00803_farbe_mohn_250

Excess color can be stored after drying for years and can be stirred up and mixed at a later point. This way the original color can be maintained for all eventualities and costly re-mixing is not necessary.

Delivery: dry as powder in 5 kg or 15 kg bags, in a 1 ton Big Bag.