Rapido-Plaster Base

01401_putzgrund_400Rapido-Plaster Base serves as an adhesive for all smooth and non-porous surfaces.

It is ideal for holding Rapido-Universal Loam Plaster, Rapido-Textured Loam Plaster, Rapido-Finish Loam Plaster and Rapido-Marbled Loam.

Simply brush the surface and dry for 24 hours - and new plaster can be applied. The white-pigmented Rapido-Plaster Base consists of a highly effective dispersion with particle fractions, with which the loam plaster can bond.

Delivered in packaging of 1 liter and 5 liter cans, and in 10 liter buckets.

Der Rapido-Primer Sealer reliably prevents the penetration of nicotine, water stains, soot, yellowing and lignin. It consists of a highly effective dispersion, is pigmented in white and suitable for application to all surfaces. In order to apply Rapdio-Loam Plaster or Rapido-Marbled Loam, Rapido-Plaster Base is applied in the second step.  A finish with Rapido-Loam Paint or Rapido-Smooth Loam Finish may be also be applied.


Delivery in 1 liter and 5 liter cans, as well as 10 liter buckets.