Natural Building Materials from the Lusatia

Who we are

The Lausitz Natural Building Materials Ltd (Lausitzer Naturbaustoffe GmbH) has set itself the goal of providing modern natural building materials at attractive prices.

The usual production process of medieval-looking natural building materials was abandoned and the products were adapted to today's requirements.

We separated the traditional building material clay into its components in order to analyze the meaning and purpose of each ingredient. After analysis, the best ingredients were identified as concentrates.

Due to the composition of the concentrates we are able to produce consistent quality.  Additionally, our constant research ensures highest levels of quality.

Our products have excellent properties and particularly high water vapor absorption rates, which well exceed those of our competitors.  This is also demonstrated in the independent test carried out by the Technical University of Berlin.
Continuous research and development result in new products that complement the product range systematically.

Rapido Natural Materials are clean, ecological and carry no health risks.
Each Rapido Product not only has a unique surface and look, but also a function. The health of residents is protected, energy is saved and strain on our environment is reduced.

Processing can take place with all major equipment and technologies, is very easy and can be accomplished by any competent craftsman without any problems.  For example, even under extreme wintery weather conditions, loam dry walls were constructed at the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and the German Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection, and Rapido-Universal Loam Plaster was pumped in bulk over 100 m wide and 8 floors high. If necessary, a demonstration master craftsman can instruct local craftsmen.

We make customers' dreams come true! We offer more performance and higher quality for less money.

How does that work? We don't create a big show, but solid products.

Natural materials can be offered to a wider customer base due to the attractive pricing.

And thus we can all contribute to leaving an intact world behind for our children.