Rapido-Color Pigments

01201_pigmente_farben_250Rapido-Color Pigments are characterized by their high luminosity and brilliance. Rapido Loam Materials can be dyed with these.

Due to their high content of alkaline, they can also be used to dye other products.

The selection of base pigments is in accordance with the color circle, making it possible to generate all imaginable color shades. Various shades can be produced easily by mixing the appropriate base pigments. From light pastel shades to full shades, the entire scale of the color palette can be covered.

01203_pigmente_blume_400The Rapido-Color Guide serves as orientation for the coloring of the white Rapido-Loam Products. The specified amount of pigments is sprinkled into the preparation water and quickly diluted with a high speed mixer. Thereafter, the diluted color pigment is added to the Rapido Loam Product. Glazes can be produced easily and cost-effectively by mixing Rapido-Color Pigments with Rapido-Fixer.

Delivery: dry, in powder-form in 100 g, 500 g and 1,000 g bags.