Sound insulation certificate Rapido loam boards (Müller-BBM GmbH Berlin) OPEN

Examination about steam absorption behavior of plasters (TU Berlin)  OPEN

Everybody can make building materials of loam. Just take loam and mix it with sand, as has been done for thousands of years..

However, nobody knows how much steam is absorbed and released by one cm of a certain plaster or what sound insulating effect a drywall has. No architect can plan it and no engineer can calculate it, because the basic information is simply not available.
It is our goal to provide this information. This is the only way to make natural building materials suitable for the 21st century.  For this purpose, long-term studies with integrated sensors have been conducted since 2007. Several loam houses of different manufacturers are compared with traditional building methods.
As a result, we were able to optimize our products and offer our customers increased performance for less money.

What are the requirements for a loam building material? It must
* be hard-wearing,
* be available in any color,
* be able to be used with any type of surface texture,
* be applicable according to state-of-the-art processing methods in drywall building, silo technologies and spraying methods,
* have an optimum effect of room air conditioning,

And above all: it must be affordable!

And this is where the wheat is sorted from the chaff.  Loams are as different as people. For this reason, we took the effort to find out the difference. Since we are cognizant of this, we produce loam materials which feature optimum absorption characteristics and are suitable for use today.
If you buy a car, you would like to know its fuel consumption or its load capacity. Therefore it is only fair to indicate the absorption capability of the loam materials to the customer. This is exactly the reason why he wants to purchase natural products.
It would be disastrous if a loam material with low absorption values is selected because the information is not available. The color of the material or the price or the packing in no way informs one about its quality.

We have these numbers so that you know what you pay for.
If you think that you do not pay enough, we invite you to cooperate with us?