Rapido-Reinforcement Fabrics reliably reinforce the Rapido Loam Components preventing cracking on difficult surfaces. It should be noted that each material has different uses.


Rapido-Plaster Fabric is a fiberglass fabric with a surface of approx. 165 g / m², a mesh size of approx. 7 x 7 mm and it is inserted into the final coat of Rapido-Universal Loam. Simple processing combined with reliability at an excellent price-performance ratio.


Rapido-Jute Fabric is a 100% ecological and compostable reinforcement fabric with a surface weight of approx. 105 g / m² and is also embedded into the uppermost Rapido-Universal Loam coat.

This 100% ecological Rapido-Reinforcement Fabric is available in a wide range of colors and has the same function as a reinforcing wall-paper. Rapido-Smooth Loam Finish is used as an adhesive.


The surface weight is approx. 210 g / m². Old cracked plastered walls can hereby be renovated 100% ecologically with minimum costs. The structure and color of the Rapido-Jute Fabric combined with the suitably colored Rapido-Smooth Loam Finish result in an interesting and extremely durable surface.


Rapido-Glass Fleece is used for renovation purposes on cracked old plastered walls. A coat of only 1 mm Rapido-Smooth Loam Finish serves as reinforcement adhesive, into which the Rapido-Glass Fleece is embedded. Over and above this, one can either create a finish with Rapido-Smooth Loam Finish, or alternatively use the Rapido-Loam Plaster. Of course both variants can be colored, creating complete surfaces.

Renovation could not be faster!