Baum BüroWe are a producer of modern natural building materials which easily meet and exceed the requirements of today’s building methods. Our spectrum ranges from solid wall building materials over drywall materials to plasters and fillers and finally finishes coatings, paints and textures. A broad range of colors is available for selection.

Our bricks, boards, plasters, fillers or paints can replace all gypsum building materials and, in many cases, also building materials containing cement or lime. Building rubble is avoided, the primary energy use is reduced drastically and the living environment considerably improved. In addition, building methods which were previously out of the question can be applied. Cooling systems in walls and ceilings can be operated without any interruptions and risk of mold growth. Costly ventilation systems can be avoided and noise protection is significantly improved.

The use and processing of Rapido loam materials does not require special technology or training. Our building materials are designed in such a way that they can easily be handled by untrained persons.

To ensure that natural building materials can prevail against today’s building materials, we have looked for ways and means to offer our products at favorable conditions. We abstain from putting on a big show and an exclusive pricing structure, and concentrate on effectiveness and quality. We intend to supply ecological, inexpensive and easy building materials, and we are able to do this!